Sex Toys and other Avenues of Adult Fun

Undeniably, sex is one of the most important gifts of creation and it is our duty to enjoy every aspect of it. There would be very few people around us for whom sex is not an integral part of life. Though people are of different temperaments when it comes to sex – some are open about it, some are shy – one thing is certain; the joys of sex are unquestionable to each one of us.

People open about sex have no problem getting it, but the people who are shy would not know where to go. But there is respite for these people who have been left behind for years. Today, there is a surfeit of sex toys that can give as good as the real thing. There are vibrators, dildos, sex dolls, fake vaginas, and a lot many things that can make the whole experience pleasurable. There is even no need to go to a shop to get these things. Online shopping has made the whole buying process very discreet.

But it is not only the docile people who are buying these sex toys. There are people from all walks of life. People who are so busy with their lifestyles that they cannot commit themselves to partners are prime examples of sex toy users. Due to hectic lifestyle, there is also a steady decline in people's sexual potencies. This may also make them conscious in front of a live partner. In addition, there are issues such as inadequacies in people's own bodies that may make them feel less confident about having sex. The very large number of people going in for augmentation surgeries today – whether they be breast enhancement or penis enlargement – is proof for this. In short, there are various reasons in today's world that are making people shier of the actual sex and taking them towards realizing their erotic desires through other means.

Sex toys do not just mean the regular dildos and vibrators. There are some sex toys that are specifically designed to enhance the genitals – like penis weights, penis enhancement pumps, breast enhancement pumps, etc. There is also sex furniture available, especially in the BDSM world to heighten the overall sexual experience. But the simplest sex toy is certainly the condom, which can be made with various textures and even flavors and perfumes to add to the joys of sex.

Though sex toys have broken new grounds in popularity, there are still many people who do not like to use one. These people are still quite orthodox about sex and there are even some taboos prevalent in some parts of the world. But at the same time, it must be said that they do have an attraction for these toys, but are only too intimidated to use them on themselves. Most of these people who would not use sex toys themselves really do enjoy watching porn actors use the same. Then there is one more category of people who do not actually use sex toys on their genitals, but would not mind using leather underwear, revealing outfits, belts and other such devices that could heighten the erotica. Shoes are making great headway in the sex toy world nowadays. Both men and women are turned on when they wear – or their partners wear – shoes like thigh high boots, heeled shoes, ankle footwear and the perennially popular platform shoes.

Many people don’t know about it, but sex toys can also be used when you are not actually having sex. There are sex board games and sex playing cards, which can bring a new twist to romantic bonding with your partners, or could really add the zing to a themed party. A very popular sex party pastime is the strip poker, which can be played with sex-themed playing cards. Almost every game today has a sex variation, and also a great market.

Now that you know better about sex toys, you must not be very surprised to know that people are using them around you all the time. There are people with closeted sexual preferences who are using them in the privacy of their homes, and there are people who are using butt plugs in their anuses all the time, even when in office! No wonder that the sex toy industry is really booming, and deservedly so!


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